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Google Play Gift Card Codes

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Buy Google Play gift card codes online! A Google Play gift card is redeemable for credit on the Play Store. Your Google Play balance can then be used to download paid apps and games, make in-app purchases, buy music, watch movies and TV shows and buy books to enjoy on any Android device. It's an entire universe of digital entertainment right at your fingertips. So go ahead. Treat yourself or gift a loved one, today.

Please be aware that Google Play gift card codes are regionalized so make sure to buy the Google Play card corresponding to the recipient's account country. Currently, we carry Google Play vouchers for the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. And we're always adding more countries!

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They’ve waited all year and at last the moment has arrived. Barely containing their excitement, they start to unwrap your gift. You pay attention to their face as they tear away the paper. You wait for a reaction to the present, anxious for them to love it. Finally, your present emerges from the wrapping and for a split second disappointment flashes across their face.

Don’t chance getting the wrong present. Get them a Google Play Gift Card and make sure they love your gift.

- Electronically delivered, you can buy one wherever you are and give it to whoever you want.

- There’s no limit to what the Google Play Gift Card can do; from books to movies to premium apps, it can be used for any purchase from the Play store.

- The Gift Card is simplicity itself. It only takes seconds to buy and it can be used in the Play store immediately.

Giving a Google Play Gift Card takes away the risk of choosing the wrong author, actor or artist. It lets your loved one make their own choice. It gives them the flexibility to try a new premium Android app or make in­app purchases, take a chance on a film they were recommended or explore the back catalogue of their favorite artist. Give a Google Play Gift Card and be confident your loved one is getting something they’ll enjoy!

*Be aware that Google Play Gift Cards differ between jurisdictions. Please ensure you buy a Google Play card matching the region of the recipient’s Google Play account.

This is a digital product. The key code will be delivered instantly via email once the payment has been verified.

PayPal is our main payment method

However, we can also accept credit card payments made through PayPal. To pay with a credit card via PayPal do the following:

  1. Add the product(s) to your shopping cart and checkout.
  2. When you are redirected to the PayPal website to make the payment click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button.
  3. Then the "Guest Checkout" form below will appear where you can enter your credit card details and make your payment without the need to create a PayPal account. paypal pay with credit cards
Buy video game keys and gift card codes from any country in the world. You can be located anywhere. We have no regional restrictions.


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Very good
    Review by Adalsteinn A.on 5/3/2015
    Awesome option to have!
  • Rating
    Review by Melissa C.on 3/18/2015
    This is probably the easiest way to put money into my daughter's google play account without having to add a CC to her tablet. The card info is delivered directly to my email and I simply put the into in the account for any in app purchases for music, books or games. Thank you for the convenience.
  • Rating
    It worked
    Review by Than T.on 3/8/2015
    This is a trusted seller but they do take some time for processing.
  • Rating
    Google Play credit
    Review by Eliana R.on 2/28/2015
    Awesome way to buy your Google credit if you're travelling.
  • Rating
    Review by Cory D.on 2/24/2015
    Fast and easy to order.
  • Rating
    Same Day Purchase
    Review by Stephen D.on 2/24/2015
    All orders received same day as purchase.
  • Rating
    the weekend issue
    Review by kishley m.on 2/17/2015
    Ordered one on the weekend but didn't recieve it until a few hours later.
  • Rating
    Service was ok
    Review by David M.on 1/29/2015
    The fees are a little high and it took longer than I expected, but the code did work.
  • Rating
    It was confusing
    Review by Brian R.on 12/30/2014
    It was confusing and I am not sure if it went to the email I put on there. It was awkward for me to ask the person who I wanted it to go to.
  • Rating
    Review by raul d.on 11/4/2014
    Good customer service, fair prices and fast delivery.
  • Rating
    Pricing is a little high
    Review by Jennifer D.on 10/15/2014
    I thought the card cost could have been less.
  • Rating
    gift code for google play
    Review by Wayne L.on 10/15/2014
    My code was received within a few minutes of placing the order. It worked as described. I would have no concerns about ordering again.
  • Rating
    Excellent services
    Review by Brian V.on 10/5/2014
    5 stars
  • Rating
    I liked the facility provided.
    Review by Deenar T.on 10/2/2014
    However, I wanted to purchase two gift cards and one purchase was successful and the other one was not processed mentioning that my bank card is not accepted. Fix if possible.
  • Rating
    Great service. Fast delivery.
    Review by Marcio G.on 9/25/2014
    I recommend it.
  • Rating
    Could do without the fees
    Review by lloyd c.on 9/24/2014
    It would also be nice if I could buy $50 codes instead of multiple $25 codes.
  • Rating
    Excelente servicio no fue inmediatamente
    Review by luis c.on 9/18/2014
    Excelente servicio no fue inmediatamente pues el horario es diferente pero en un par de horas me llego los códigos ...servicio serio y responsable.. Lo recomiendo
  • Rating
    takes some time
    Review by Don W.on 9/18/2014
    It took 3.5 hours the first time then 5 hours the second time for my codes to be delivered after the order status read complete and my card had my debited.
  • Rating
    Review by jelon 9/16/2014
    Very convenient. Thanks.
  • Rating
    No Google Play Gift Cards available
    Review by Jorge M.on 9/11/2014
    No Google Play Gift Cards available for two days after purchase was made. I had to request a refund.
    Whenever I order a GiftCard code online is only because I haven't got the time to go to the store.
    Hope they fix this or just stop offering GooglePlay altogether.
  • Rating
    Review by Zackary C.on 8/30/2014
    It took hours before I received my codes.
  • Rating
    Too slow
    Review by Jorge M.on 8/26/2014
    It took almost a day to get my codes. I could have just gone to the mall to buy a Google Play Card.
  • Rating
    Making an initial purchase is
    Review by Nathan J.on 8/25/2014
    Making an initial purchase is a slightly primative process requiring a photocopy of 2 forms of ID and took almost 24 hours to complete due to some technical issues via email communication. Otherwise I got what I purchased and they were courteous enough. I just didnt get what I expected within minutes. However, I will give them another chance.
  • Rating
    Took too long
    Review by Daniel B.on 8/21/2014
    You took too long to deliver my order.
  • Rating
    Review by Marcio G.on 8/20/2014
    Great service. Quick delivery.
  • Rating
    SLOW. Received in the end
    Review by Kacy L.on 8/8/2014
    My order was on hold for almost a day.
  • Rating
    I was worried it was
    Review by Gregory K.on 8/5/2014
    I was worried it was a scam but they're legit. Just sometimes takes awhile.
  • Rating
    The card worked fine
    Review by Chris P.on 8/4/2014
    The card worked fine. The verification thing is a pain. Not really any reason they need a drivers license or ID.
  • Rating
    Fast and easy!
    Review by Lana T.on 7/24/2014
    Fast and easy!
  • Rating
    Great service
    Review by Omar V.on 7/23/2014
    Great service
  • Rating
    Great! Easy process.
    Review by wayne r.on 7/22/2014
    Great! Easy process.
  • Rating
    Great seller
    Review by Mohamed I.on 7/15/2014
    Great seller. Thanks.
  • Rating
    Review by Bradon 7/6/2014
    What does card denomination mean? I want the 9.95 card but it is asking me if I want plus 15 or 25 dollars. I don't want that. I'm sorry but I don't understand. I want the 9.95 card and it won't let me buy just that.
  • Rating
    Review by Gabriel C.on 6/11/2014
    I was pretty worried about buying from websites I've never heard of but this actually works. l recomend this company to anyone who doesn't want to go buy it at a physical store.
  • Rating
    Review by Travis B.on 6/6/2014
    Fast and easy
  • Rating
    Review by Josué M.on 6/3/2014
  • Rating
    Google Play
    Review by Graeme Y.on 6/2/2014
    Good value
  • Rating
    Review by nicolas v.on 6/1/2014
    Everything perfect
  • Rating
    Was not clear
    Review by Sven H.on 5/29/2014
    I bought the $10 Google Play card so that I can get Google All Access Music for one month. Little did I know that you cannot use these to acquire All Access subscription. Was the only reason I bought. Wish I could refund but oh well.
  • Rating
    Fast delivery, easy to get cards
    Review by Peter M.on 5/28/2014
    I use these guys as they are a legitimate and user friendly way to purchase gift cards online. Docked 1 star as there is no discount on activation fee for multiple cards and activation fees are up to 10-15% of the card cost.
  • Rating
    Good codes
    Review by Terence D.on 5/25/2014
    Received my Google Play card in a reasonable amount of time. Codes are good.
  • Rating
    Good but expensive
    Review by Arslan W.on 5/25/2014
    It is good to buy Google Play Gift cards but the extra charges are too high. The actual Google Play Gift Card is of $50 and why should we pay an extra $9.54? Anyway, the service is trustworthy and fast.
  • Rating
    Time difference can be tricky
    Review by Jorge M.on 5/19/2014
    Time difference makes the getting the code somewhat lengthy. Wish it there was some way of making it faster.
  • Rating
    Review by Brian C.on 5/13/2014
    It took 4 hours for the link to be emailed to me
  • Rating
    Review by lewis m.on 5/8/2014
    The cost is pricey and in the beginning there was a problem but overall it was ok. Although for a 10$ card I was paying 14$ and some change.
  • Rating
    Very easy
    Review by Joanne R.on 5/5/2014
    Love it. Very easy to use website.
  • Rating
    Purchased a google play gift card
    Review by Wendi w.on 5/4/2014
    Purchased a google play gift certificate for the first time as a gift. The support team was awesome and even put a personal subject line and a birthday wish on the e-mail for me. Would not hesitate to recommend.
  • Rating
    Excellent service
    Review by Matt G.on 5/3/2014
    Very fast shipment and excellent service.
  • Rating
    No hassle
    Review by Daniel L.on 4/30/2014
    Great product. No hassle.
  • Rating
    Great gift
    Review by Jacklyn R.on 4/24/2014
    My mom requested this and she loves it.
  • Rating
    Review by Jesse S.on 4/13/2014
    Worked great. Thanks.
  • Rating
    As expected
    Review by Sharon K.on 4/10/2014
    It came within 10 minutes. The fee was reasonable and it worked well with the play store.
  • Rating
    Shop the American Google Play store from Switzerland
    Review by Rouven K.on 2/9/2014
    Great prices on the American Google Play store and more content than the one in Switzerland. What puzzles me though is the fact that I had to provide an official form of identification, twice! Besides that I felt comfortable using the service.